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Trade and Cultural Tours

Australia and Mongolia

Pounce Asia is proud to announce that our new trade tour opportunities are just on the horizon for upcoming Mongolian and Australian entrepreneurs. These customised tours offer an opportunity for business to meet locals and gain face to face knowledge, build networks and advance their own industry.

Mongolian Trade Tours:


Listed as a “global growth generating” country, Mongolia as a region with the most promising growth generating prospects between 2010 and 2050. In recent years, the mineral industry has been highly lucrative, making up more than 80% of Mongolia’s exports and has already seen investment by Chinese, Russian and Canadian firms.

Key Industries:

Mining, pharmaceutical, health food, cosmetics and travel


Australian Trade Tours:


Australia continues to be one of the world’s most closely observed countries. It’s achievements of being one of the only major countries to avoid the GFC, high quality of living and prosperous economy

have given it its desirable reputation. Tours will allow guests to experience some true Australian culture as well as meet and devlop networks in the business industry.

Key Industries:

Education, tourism, mining, agriculture and wine



We here at Pounce hope to assist you in gaining experience and knowledge of these lucrative sectors, and thus, promote effective international relations between the business areas of Mongolia and Australia.
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